Providing Mobility Inspiration Hope

Who We Are

  • Rejuvenate SA is a Non-Profit Organisation whose purpose is to provide mobility to those who don’t have the funds or means.
  • Our underpinning belief and philosophy is that being able to move is a basic and core right for all.
  • As such our aim is to get people mobile and active by whatever means necessary, whether by providing prosthetic limbs, wheelchairs, crutches, or other mobility aids.

Building Our Brand Through Sport!

Rejuvenate will initially be focusing our help and attention on a few disabled athletes in various disciplines to get the Rejuvenate brand recognised. Over time, we hope to broaden our reach to help people with various disabilities in all sectors of life.

How To Donate

We thank you in advance for your kind donations, and we look forward to applying them to giving much needed change and hope to many disabled lives.

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