Meet Braam

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Meet Braam

Abraham Van Der Nest was born on the 17/05/1945 in Port St Johns where he attended various schools in the neighbouring town’s. Braam now has three children who he loves wholeheartedly. He started his working career on the South African Railway services and then went into forestry starting his own business.

In 2002 Braam moved to Pietermaritzburg where he has lived ever since. In 2010 Braam joined MOTH, Gunda Din Hellhole. 

In 2019 Braam unfortunately underwent a below the knee amputation. He was then forced to retire from his job, which lead him to move into the Pietermaritzburg and district MOTH cottages.

Braam has been limited to the use of a wheelchair for just over two years now and is really looking forward to getting back onto his “feet”. Braam is an active man who loves gardening and can’t wait to go on a few walks with his new leg.

We need to raise R50,000 for Braam
Money Raised As Of Now 30%

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