Meet Stembiso

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Meet Stembiso 

Stembiso is A 24 year old male. Stembiso has been a paraplegic since he was born. He lives at home with his mom and dad who have not been able to find full time jobs as he requires a lot of attention. About 3 years ago Stembiso outgrew his wheelchair. A round trip to the bathroom consists of a 60m crawl to and from the toilet on dirt. Stembiso cannot talk but can communicate via hand signals. He is a extremely shy but happy man who will thrive in his new chair.A wheel Chair friendly pathway will need to be built to help assist Stembiso get to and from the toilet. Stembiso‚Äôs parents are getting old and battle to carry him around and so he has now had to learn to crawl around everywhere. Tim Underwood (@hiltonrunnerboy) will be running on behalf of Rejuvenate SA to raise funding and awareness for people with disabilities. Tim has been an avid runner his entire life and just enjoys pushing the limits. There is no real factor behind why Tim does these extreme races. He just enjoys the challenge. Tim was introduced to Stembiso and saw the conditions he is living in. Tim will be contouring Tor des Giants which is a 320km trail run through the Alps. There is a total of roughly 24km vertical elevation.  We wish Tim the best of luck as he takes on this massive test to raise funding for Stembiso’s new chair which will run through Sport for Lives.

We need to raise R50,000 for "Stembiso"
Money Raised As Of Now 5%

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