Meet Nomphilo

Meet Nomphilo

Nomphilo is a 33 year old female who was born with Cerebral Palsy. Nomphilo attended Saint Christophers school for the special needs and then went onto Browns school in Pine town. After her father passed away, Nomphilo was forced to move back to Sweet Waters with her mother where she has lived since. Nomphilo’s  living conditions do not suit her disability and she finds it extremely difficult to move and get outside.

Nomphilo is an extremely positive and full of live individual who dreams of becoming radio or tv presenter. Nomphilo has worked with the likes of the late Debrah Fraser as her PA. Nomphilo is a hands on learner with an exceptional imagination.

Rejuvenate Sa were fortunate enough to be donated a second hand wheel chair which was then passed onto Nomphilo only 3 days after receiving. Although some modifications were needed to be made she now is able to get around easier than her previous chair.


Through the Generosity of others Nomphilo is now comfortable and happy with her new means of mobility



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